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Domain of professional occultist, priestess, teacher,
speaker, writer, and psychic of over twenty five years, Korinne Wilson.

My calling is to assist all those who seek answers and guidance; leading from the darkness of misunderstanding into the light of knowing. Together we can lift the veil of mystery and bring compassionate understanding to any situation. Accurate psychic insight will immediately improve your life! The universe is Mental in nature (, when the mind is at ease, co creative solutions manifest. My gifts allow me to tune into your emotional and mental energy fields, the light of my aura will sooth you on all levels, helping shift your perspective and soften your view. This ability to tune in and commune with you, also allows me to receive intense information in the form of artful visions from the soul realm, that are then interpreted to convey the essence of the message to you.

I began my work in service to others in 1992, assisting thousands of clients locally and world wide. My teachings, methods and philosophy have evolved through years of study and practical application representing many schools of religion, magick, mysticism and esoteric thought. The "Occult" means hidden, secret, mysterious and by definition represents all deeper religious and philosophical teachings. I am well educated and experienced in the psychic arts, Reiki, alternative healing, Tarot, psychology, symbolic interpretation, Buddhism, twelve step / recovery counseling, cleansing and purification, states of consciousness, shamanic soul counseling, ascension + kundalini, rituals, spellcraft, soul craft, starseeds, spiritual warfare, psychic self-defense, world mythology, hidden history and many ancient traditions. I am a vessel for the God energy of Hermes, he is my master soul guide, often assisting in my work and study. I have attained great awareness of my soul, my starseed origins, my past lives and my missions here on the earth plane. I am a Psychopomp, walking between the worlds and guiding souls to the truth of oneness. Take some time to look over the site for information on how Tarot works, videos, teachings, and testimonials.

Services: Tarot reading, Soul counseling, Reiki healing and attunements, Past Life regression, Spirit guide contact, Psychic protection, Aura reading, Guided meditation, Dream interpretation, Spellcraft, Esoteric education.

Titles: Psychic Counselor, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master Teacher healer, Buddhist devotee, High Priestess of Wicca, Mystical Magickian, Channel, Way-Shower, Lightworker, Sleep Paralysis survivor, Writer, Public Speaker, Event Organizer, Video producer, past Occult store owner (The Occult Shop and Aquarius Star).

List of Services

Just send payment through to, or click the buy link below. Once notification of your payment is sent via paypal, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.
60 minute Tarot Reading $155

A Full Tarot Reading: A great way to get a real sense of what is going on with you, and your life. First you will receive a ten card reading to get a general feeling of what your presently going through, up to three months into the future. The details of your life will unfold before you as your personal thoughts and feelings are being described through the Tarot and keen intuition. By the end of the ten card reading you will have a much greater sense of your past, present and how to directly affect your future. Next you will be able to ask three questions of your choice.
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60 minute Counseling $122

Counseling Session: Take wise counsel with Occult Priestess. I provide a great warmth of compassion and a new outlook on your situation. With well over twenty years counseling experience, to all walks of life, as well as self improvement and the grind of the spiritual quest; I can assist you from darkness to light. Counseling is for those who wish to explore new information without psychic tools such as Tarot. Messages from 'the other side' are to be expected. Advice is given on how to care for yourself, take right action and get past the drama.
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The Full Reading Spread

About Tarot Reading: Accurate psychic advice is a practical way to explore your current life situation and to transform your future. Let the moon be your guide on this mystical journey- as you are dazzled with a combination of counseling and intuition. Rev. Korinne creates a healing environment of non-judgmental compassion to put you at ease to openly discuss whatever situation you are currently working through. All of your questions will be handled with loving care, as new solutions and actions are advised. Channeling, Reiki, clairvoyant vision and spirit guide contact are some of the tools most often used in professional services. Clients often remark how refreshed, motivated and focused they feel after a reading.

Spread Meaning
Video and Text to assist your reading. The Tarot works on a grid system The placement of the card in combination with the meaning of the card. Cross referencing both the symbolic art and the position gives us a clear view of the situation.

The first position clues us into your current moods, pursuits and recent thoughts. The card placed here contains many meaningful symbols describing how you are feeling about yourself and your role in life.

The Second position
Known as "the crossing card" this position allows us to understand the nature of Any challenges you may be facing or Stressful situation your are currently Involved in. Over coming this lesson releases blocked energy and fear. Not all challenges are negative, you maybe attracting the challenge of a new career or a new love.

The third position is "Goal or Destiny"
I use intuition to understand how your Current goals are taking shape in your Future and how effectively you are manifesting Your dreams.

The fourth position
The far past of this placement denotes an event or feeling that occurred and effected you deeply. This far past experience directly influences your near future in position number 6. Here we can see the motivation and intention of the far past, creating the near future.

The fifth position
This placement traditionally covers the past three months. I have found if clients are fast learners or going through a time of great change this potion may only cover the past couple of weeks. New changes and surprises and the unexpected also show up here.

The sixth position
The near future represents the major events about to occur. A preview of coming attractions due to take place over the next few weeks. Cross referencing with the far past card in position four explains based on the root cause; how you arrive at the near future. If the near future seems off track with your goals we can easily gain insight for alternative ways to alter the coming circumstances or influences.

The seventh position
The inner self and deeper parts of our psyche reveal themselves in this placement. The door to the subconscious, spiritual and dream realms are spoken of, often with a message from your spirit guide or ancestors. Understanding ourselves on this level allows us to take control of how we are using our power.

The eighth position
This placement is known as your environment explaining the outside influences around you. Here we often find work, home, friends and special relationships and how they are affecting you currently. This position can also alert you to unknown factors bearing on the situation.

The ninth position
The ninth position brings to light emotional factors expressing how you are feeling in your heart. Our emotional outlook guides our future helping to color our perception on reality. Learning more about your personal feelings allows you to take notice and care of what you are projecting and reflecting.

The tenth position
Known as the "final outcome" this card predicts the culmination of events up to three months into the future should you choose to stay on your current path without making changes. If you wish to alter this outcome actionable advice is given at this time, as well as a summery of the entire reading.


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